Dear managers. Recently many new managers came to TFM.
Unfortunately, not all of them plays in the spirit of fair play and try to cheat other players by manipulating the transfer market.
We are currently working on additional security system, policies and regulations of transfer market, which may be quite restrictive for some of you.
Therefore, new positions of TFM game moderators will be created. The main purpose of game moderators will be reviewing controversial transfers.
Generally the transfer system will be modified a bit.
Transfer offers worth more than 150% of the player value will be classified to be verified by the game moderator.
Of course, it will extend significantly the total processing time but we think these regulations are necessary.

Very briefly the transfer will be as follows:
1. Team 1 creates new transfer offer for a player from Team 2
2. Team 2 agrees to sell a player
3. Team 1 creates new contract offer for a player
4. Player accepts this contract offer
5. Game moderator evaluates the correctness of the transfer offer
6. Manager of Team 1 accetps the whole transfer offer
7. Player joins Team 1

These changes are currently under production and be applied in the coming days.

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