Dear players. From next season (2018/2019) we need to introduce some changes during the playing leagues.
So far the league were playing generally from August to May.

Since the season 2018/2019 we will play a little differently.
PREMIER LEAGUE - from 15 June to 1 April
First league - from June 16 to April 2
Second Division - from 17 June to 3 April
Third Division - from 18 June to 4 April
amateur league - from 15 June to 1 April

League will last 290 days. At this time, the predicted gap between rounds lasted 42 days.
Matches will be played by an average of 8 virtual days (2 days real time).

Changes are necessary in the context of the planned work and modifications carried out in TFM, which we will inform in number of subsequent communications.

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